EICMA is the world’s largest two-wheeler exhibition and summit. Every year, top two-wheeler brands from at least 40 countries around the world showcase innovations in their products and technology. In 2015, NIU made its first appearance at EICMA, and immediately became the focus of global attention. With a wide range of global coverage, NIU has been recognized internationally.
In the past five years, in this global event, we have not only demonstrated our leading innovation, but also helped lead the future. With our forward-thinking design concept, cutting-edge battery technology and an intelligent experience, NIU has become the vane of new-energy-based travel tools at EICMA.
NIU has always been a pioneer at the forefront of mobility research and development. At this year’s EICMA show, we will once again demonstrate our superior product strength and promote the industry transformation with leading technology.

Breaking Through Technical Barriers


The GT Series breaches upper limits and breaks through the boundaries of two-wheel electric scooter mileage, power and technology with a pioneering attitude. The 4th generation of revolutionary battery technology - NIU Energy™, with a leading dual-battery system, offers a worry-free riding experience. The comprehensive leading power system makes adapting to unpredictable roads effortless. The V35 ECU is interconnected with the cloud and continuously updates itself, making our electric vehicle a smart mobile device that you can manage easily.
The GT series is an upgraded model with a global design focus to meet the demands of riders of two-wheelers in Europe, North America, Southeast Asia and other regions. The leap from power electronics to smart electronics brings more possibilities to individual users and corporate users, helping them push boundaries.
Breaking Through the Boundaries of Smart Energy

Longer cruising range, more power, higher energy efficiency and safer riding experience

NIU Energy™ 4th Generation AI Power Lithium System Technology

Industry-leading dual battery system

Breaking Through the Boundaries of Smart Technology

The leader of two-wheeled electric scooter riding intelligent experience.

Complete upgraded V35 Cloud ECU that unlocks more new technologies

New generation smart dashboard that looks cool and user-friendly

Brand new smartphone app that reinvigorates the smart riding experience

Breaking Through the Boundaries of Driving and Control

Comfortable riding on all kinds of tricky road surfaces

Ergonomic Design

Front and back high performance shock absorbers +14 inch increased wheel diameter

New sub-brand


NIU AERO packs intelligent technology, aerodynamics, lightweight and ergonomics as key features to create a new generation of electric bicycle and sports bicycle: positioning NIU within the accumulation of technologies such as vehicle intelligence and human-vehicle interconnection. This brings users a smart, flexible travel experience and a new, greener lifestyle.

Redefining E-BIKE

The brand-new EB-01 is a further improvement on the traditional E-bike. With a large-capacity battery, the cruising autonomy has been improved significantly, making it possible to zip freely around streets and cruise down main roads. The three riding modes can perfectly meet your flexible travel needs. Combined with the large diameter wheels and wide tire design, the high-intensity shock absorption system allows the rider to comfortably ride on all kinds of complex roads for longer periods. The integrated headlights provide a safer riding experience, while the new App can bring you more pleasurable and fun experience whilst on the road.

Multi-theft protection vehicle diagnosis dash-cam
Multi-theft protection, vehicle diagnosis, dash-cam NIU Technologies smartphone app that gives EB-01 a smart riding experience equivalent to a motorbike. It can all easily be done regardless of the task – checking the ride recordings, searching for vehicle location, vehicle diagnosis or smart preventions.
Removable large-capacity Lithium-Ion battery, for range of up to 120km.
Specially designed frame geometry offering a comfortable riding experience and making long-distance travel easier.
Three riding modes: sport, cruising, energy saving.
Both larger-diameter wheels are equipped with high-intensity shock absorption, and easily adapt to diverse road conditions.
Intelligent lighting system brings a riding experience with doubled safety performance.
Smart meter and smart app demonstrate the future of riding technology.



NIU Fleet Platform,

NIU Transportation Network Platform
Technology accumulation in scooter intelligence and cloud data analysis has made NIU a powerful provider of complete transportation network solutions. We have opened data interfaces to our global business partners and offered highly customized services such as complete data analysis and scooter management solutions based on their unique situation. At the same time, with the SaaS model, the platform is available to deliver a convenient and effortless service experience to our partners.
  • Available for data collection and analysis.
  • Complete scooter management.
  • Highly customized interface.
  • High compatibility.


Retail delivery


Sharing travel
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In the next decade, the relationship between smart mobility tools and users will involve more aspects besides simply traveling, and these tools will be more integrated into everyone’s life. With this in mind, it is our mission to create cleaner, more convenient, and more advanced travel mediums so that people will be inspired to be more creative: allowing them to explore the city in a way they have never done before, and having more fun doing so.