Article from:The world's #1 smart electric scooter company featured an all-new vehicle release: the UM. 2018.09.13

Product Events Launch


Shanghai, China – September 4th – At The NIU 2018 Product Release, the smart electric scooter company featured an all-new vehicle release, the UM, in addition to a new partnership with McLaren Racing. The UM is NIU’s sixth product to launch since the release of its first vehicle back in August 2015.

At the keynote, NIU Technology’s CEO Li Yan announced that NIU now has 500,000 registered users worldwide that have together clocked 1.3 billion kilometers. Within this group of 500,000 riders, Li highlighted two super fans that have taken NIU scooters around China: one recording a 14,000 km multi-month trip, the other amassing more than 80,000 km on his eScooter since first purchasing in 2015.

Lightweight design, enhanced riding experience

Compared with the N and M Series, the NIU Technology U-Series has a simpler design and a lighter body; favored by young urbanites. The new UM has taken lightweight to the next level. The ultra-light version is made of 6061 aviation T6 aluminum. At only 39KG, this lightweight design allows more confident and comfortable driving.

The UM also incorporates smart technology and a user-friendly design for convenience and overall enjoyment. The UM’s foot pedals have been cleverly designed – the fixed foot pedal and the riding pedal can be switched at will. At the same time, the UM also features a keyless start function; just press the red start button on the remote control to start the vehicle.
There are 5 versions of the UM on offer: Youth, Urban, Power, Ultra-light, and Top. They come in five colors: fluorescent yellow, sky blue, bright orange, white, and black.

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Lightly loaded with NIU electric advocates "light" life

Token Hu, founder and Vice President of NIU Technology, said that the UM's "light" concept is an attitude advocated by NIU to improve the current urban travel scene. The UM's target customer is the urban millennial. They are unique in their love of life, yet affected by the pressure of academic or first-time work. They are eager to minimize stress and believe that life and work should be free and enjoyable.


In addition to the new UM, the keynote also featured a custom design that combines the inherent design of NIU Technology with McLaren's racing technology and passion. The NIU x McLaren team has captured the classic color scheme of McLaren GT CUSTOMER RACING and showcased their racing genes in other forms like tires, wheels and shock absorbers. Each bike comes with a limited edition plate. The NIU x McLaren team will be shipping a limited number of 299 units.

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