The Visionary Core

The core of NIU is powered by an incredible team of passionate Explorers. At our offices in Shanghai and Beijing, over 100 team members are helping to build the next generation of NIU vehicles.

NIU was born at the intersection of technology and industrial design. Co-founder LI Yi Nan (former CTO of Baidu) and Token HU (formerly of frog Design and Microsoft) joined forces to create a vehicle that envisions a new way urbanites live, work, and socialize in their favorite cities around the world.


The NIU team is a mash-up of technologists, industrial designers, engineers, and creative designers that have come together to change the way urban citizens explore their city landscape.


NIU officially launched to the public on June 1, 2015 at a ceremony with 1000+ distinguished guests, designers, and officials in Beijing, China, where CEO, LI Yinan and team introduced v1.0 of the N-Series eScooter to the world.


Two weeks later, NIU launched the largest crowd funded pre-sale in Chinese history, selling nearly $11,000,000 USD of the N-Series eScooter in fifteen days. This was among the ten most successful crowf funds of all time globally. Subsequent crowd funding activities throughout 2015 and early 2016 have been critical to our rapid growth and expansion of our line of scooters.


And so in 2016 we are bringing NIU to the global stage with a completely updated international version known as the N-Series. The updated scooter is sporting a larger motor (2400W max out), larger battery (29Ah), a top speed of 45km/hr, and a number of additional “bells and whistles” under the paneling.