The NIU Essential Kick Scooter
The NIU Essential Kick Scooter is our lightest weight kick scooter yet. It's easy to handle at under 15kg, without sacrificing build quality or performance. The 30% larger battery lets you cruise along comfortably for longer, carrying you 25km on a single charge, while the colorful, back-lit display keeps you informed about your power, speed, and riding mode.
A New Standard for Entry Level Kick Scooters
  • Unrivaled Performance
  • Unmatched Comfort and Safety
  • A Unique NIU Design
  • Industry-Leading Safety
Unrivaled Performance
25km/h Top Speed
Light and powerful, you can race to class or work on your KQi1 Sport at speeds of up to 25 kilometers per hour.
30% Larger Battery Capacity
At 243Wh, the KQi1 Sport has 30% more capacity than competitor models, allowing an improved range of up to 25 kilometers per charge so you never have to worry about the distance.
Powerful Rear Wheel Drive Motor
The 250W motor is standard in this segment, but rear wheel drive is not. This allows us to have best-in-class hill climbing for up to 14% slopes and strong acceleration.
Unmatched Comfort and Ease of Use
Wide Deck, Handlebar, and Tires
Wider is better! A wide 52cm handlebar improves steering and handling, a wide 14.2cm deck means more room for your feet, and wide 2.3” tires mean better shock absorption on the road.
NIU Smart Features
Connect your KQi1 Sport to your phone via Bluetooth and take advantage of smart locking and unlocking, ride statistics, custom speed mode, and more!
A Unique NIU Design
Colorful, Back-lit Dashboard
With battery level on the left, speed indicator on the right, and your riding mode on the bottom, you can easily get all the most important riding information in a glance with the KQi1 Sport’s colorful, back-lit dashboard.
Unique, Integrated Battery Design
Combining the lithium-ion battery, controller, and NIU Smart BMS into a single module, the KQi1 Sport is more efficient and compact.
Industry-Leading Safety
Stay Safe on the Road
With our revolutionary drum brake in the front, and an electric brake in the rear, your KQi1 Sport will stop when and where you want. A high-brightness headlight and integrated bell mean you’ll always be seen and heard.
Advanced Battery Management
Like all NIU products, the KQi1 Sport is equipped with NIU ENERGY BMS, a patented industry-leading technology that provides various types of battery protections, safely carrying NIU riders more than 10 billion kilometers.
Automotive-Grade Steel Frame
The last thing you want to happen when you hit a bump is for your kick scooter to buckle or fold! With an automotive-grade steel frame and a non-folding stem, you can ride confidently over any obstacle.