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77km Extra Long Range
Great range on a single charge
45km/h Max Speed
Perfect city performance
All-New V36 ECU
Keyless start, keyless seat lock, and more!
Improved Ease of Use
Bright new LED display, and new USB C charging port
Safer Than Ever
Dual disc brakes, EABS electronic brakes, 360-degree lighting
A Color to Suit You
New matte blue with 5 other color options
Retaining its classic appearance,
the NQi Sport has been reborn, from the inside out.
This is not just a new NQi Sport,
it’s a better NQi Sport.
Top Speed*
*World Motorcycle Test Cycle.
*The data displayed on this page are all internal test results of the extended range model and are for reference only.
Power On Demand
The 1800W BOSCH motor provides instant acceleration that is perfect for urban commuting.
Peak Power
Max Torque
Conversion Rate
Smooth Acceleration
The finely tuned FOC controller ensures effortless acceleration and an incredible riding experience every time you hit the throtte.


Equipped with the latest generation NIU Energy™ AI powered battery pack, our industry-leading cloud connected powertrain harnesses billions of kilometers of riding data to optimize your riding experience.

18650 Battery Cells
With higher energy density and discharge performance, the high-tech battery pack retains 85% capacity even after 1000 full charges and discharges.
High Efficiency Lithium-ion Battery Pack
The well-designed layout of the battery components and our self-developed BMS ensure the safety and efficiency of every single battery cell.
Stress Free Charging - Removable Battery Pack
The NIU Energy Battery Pack can be removed in seconds, and your home office quickly become your charging point with our portable charging adaptor.
Battery Life
Battery Warranty
Battery Safeguards

*The data displayed on this page are all internal test results of the extended range model and are for reference only. Actual range will be affected by various factors such as wind speed, road surface, and operating habits. The range values on this page are for reference only.

Built for Your
From the external emoped panels to the internal frame, we invest in the best materials and technology for maximum safety and durability.
The classic NQi internal frame is meticulously designed to ensure exceptional durability and safety for an unwavering riding experience.
The aluminum swingarm offers a lightweight and durable solution for an effortless riding experience, blending comfort, control, and efficiency.
Located in the footwell, the battery compartment lowers the vehicle's center of gravity. With a near-perfect 50:50 weight distribution, cornering and overtaking are both effortless and smooth.


As the brain of the NQi Sport, the newly upgraded V36 ECU comes with advanced features to amplify your electric journey.

Keyless Ignition

Automatically unlock your NQi Sport when close via bluetooth or a paired smart phone.

Side Stand Sensor

To ensure safety while riding, the vehicle will sense when the side stand is down and prevent the vehicle from being ridden.

Keyless Seat Unlock

Unlock your seat using the key or via the handlebar controller.

Stay Connected, Stay Informed
Your E-Moped in Your Hand
Smart Check
Carry out real-time diagnotics with just one click
OTA 2.0
Update the firmware automatically with Over-The-Air updates

6.2 INCH Dynamic Colour Display

With its bright colours and increased size, the new display provides a modern and intuitive interface for a more enjoyable ride!

Safety on the Go

We invest in only the best materials and technology to ensure both safety and durability.

Improved Ease of Use
20L Seat Compartment
Space for your helmet, gym gear or even a spare battery
Intuitive Button Layout
Easy to learn and to use
Cruise Control
Ride in comfort
USB A and USB C Charging Port
The versatile USB C offers faster charging and compatibility with a wide range of devices
580mm Long Seat
With upgraded leather for your comfort
Adjustable Riding Modes
With E-save, Dynamic and Sport riding modes, choose your own riding style
A Style for You
All you need to figure out is, which colour will define your style?
*The availability of color options may vary depending on the country or region.