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A good scooter with on-board customization

The Niu electric U-Series is designed and developed based on the National Electric Scooter standards. The U-Series battery life spans 60 km, weighs 5kg, both durable and premium quality, an anti-theft system, and space for your belongings allowing for practical convenience.

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Be more convenient on the go No more crowded metros or traffic jams.
Simply ride and enjoy.
* 60km Range

Farewell to the bus and metro, no more wasting time in traffic jams and tight spaces. The Niu U-Series will bring convenience to your life. Go out, explore and ride.

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The distance of everyday trip is no more than 10 blocks, travel the city environmentally in a new way.

Go to work, go to the supermarket, or just go out for a meal. The everyday trip is only up to 10 blocks away. The U-Series has 60km battery life and you can ride as much as you want. Pure electric drive, decreasing environment pollution, and embracing nature.

No more crowded metros or traffic jams. Simply ride and enjoy.

Aren’t you tired of the crowded and unpleasant metro? With the U-Series, you can bid farewell to the metro nuisance. Go out whenever you want, for as long as you want. Grip the the throttle and let U1 take you on a journey.

Time is in your control.

Go out anytime with real time display. Ride U-Series with timing.

More storage space The U-Series is capable of storing multiple things while you ride.
30 Attachment points

The U-Series is more than just light transportation. Its diverse features provide more storage spaces. Let the U-Series make your life more convenient.

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Going out to buy some groceries? The U-Series has a place to store them.

The U-Series offers plenty of space whether you are going to the supermarket or bringing meals for your family.

30 attachment points for all kinds of accessories.

With 30 attachment points, the standard NIU accessories provide you with a variety of added functions for the U-Series. The accessories are designed for typical daily activities: morning commute, grocery shopping, or a trip to the gym.

A variety of body colors to match different lifestyles.

The U-Series is available in 4 different body colors to suit its user.

Lightweight body Small enough to fit in an elevator,
yet still comfortable to sit two people.
160kg Max passenger weight

The U-Series is light enough to easily maneuver wherever you need to, yet still capable of supporting your everyday needs.

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Flexible and easy to maneuver in tight spaces.

The U-Series is extremely light and flexible, allowing the user to easily push into their home elevator and store inside. Moving your vehicle has never been easier.

160 kg weight designed for maneuverability.

The U-Series may be light-weight, but is still built with a strong steel frame, providing both comforatability and durability.

Readily available lithium battery The ultra light lithium battery can be easily charged in your sixth floor apartment with ease.
5 kg Light weight
10 Levels Security protection

U-Series ultra-light lithium battery weighing only 5kg. Using high-quality lithium 18650 batteries, traditional lead-acid batteries are no longer needed. The scooter carries the battery everywhere so you can easily charge the battery anywhere.

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Light enough that anyone can carry the battery inside to charge.

The U-Series lithium battery is lightweight and can be carried anywhere with ease. After parking, you can effortlessly carry the battery inside to charge. Say goodbye to unnecessary heavy duty batteries.

Lasting longer than traditional lead-acid batteries.

The U-Series lithium battery life lasts longer than traditional lead-acid batteries, no longer needing costly maintenance or repairs. After 500 full cycles of charge the lithium battery still maintains about 80% of its orginal power.

10 levels security protection.

With the battery management system, the U-Series battery is completely safe to use. 10 levels protection providing users with a battery system that is stable and secure.

Charge the battery wherever the scooter goes.

The U-Series charger is very small and can even be loaded into the interior bucket of the scooter. As long as there is power, you can store the light-weight battery already prepared for the next trip.

60*km range, enough for daily travel radius.

Optimized powertrain

The U-Series has a 60*km battery life. Travel to the supermarket, work, or take the children to school with plenty of power. The U-Series provides enough power for your daily travel radius.

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Exclusively optimized power saving motor, makes it more power efficient.

NIU’s jointly developed U-Series motor contains improved key components from power system research and development, ensuring the motor provides suffecient power while reducing power loss. With a motor conversion rate as high as 92.6%,

Efficient electric power system, lets you travel to the desired destination and a little further.

NIU put lots of efforts into the development of the electric power system, the motor control, the regenerative braking energy recovery mechanism, plus the accurate adjustment of each structural part, ensuring all the systems of the scooter work together efficiently, lets you travel to the desired destination and a little further.

Internal burglar alarm Vehicle security with a mobile phone alarm
New6Axis Alarm sensor
GPS Real time positioning
APP Phone connectivity

The U-Series is more sensitive with the new 6 axis alarm sensor. Through the APP you can know your scooter’s every move.

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The new 6 axis alarm sensor program guarantees 24 hour real time sensitive monitor.

The U-Series 6 axis sensor has real time detection of changes in the state of the scooter if it is moved. The App will send you a notification in a matter of seconds.

With real time GPS positioning, you are always aware of where your U-Series is.

Through the NIU app for both android and iPhone, you will always know the location of your scooter. Rest assured, you will never have to worry.


The NIU app tracks the whereabouts of your scooter including the path it went and the location it stopped at. More importantly, get the push notifications if the alarm has been triggered.

Scooter security services Positioning security not assured?
We compensate if you lose the scooter.
NIU Cover

Although the security insurance covers it all, we still hope our customers never have to use it.

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We offer the industry’s first scooter support services - NIU Cover

NIU Cover offers comprehensive coverage of every scooter. Whether the situation is get stolen or have an accident, we have prepared a solution for you. Although we have prepared such a reliable protection system, we hope you never have to put it to use.

With strong cooperation with China Ping An and China Life Insurance, you will never have to worry.

NIU is working with two industry leading Chinese insurance companies, what is there to worry about?

Keyless start is now ready.

The U-Series keyless start is now ready for you. Press a button to start and immediately be on your way.

More practical accessories, designed for the U-Series

The U-Series has a large range of accessories, whether it is one of the baskets or a comfortable back rest, we are ready to make life more convenient for you.