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U-Series - It started from a sketch

Original design is, and will always be, the fundamental principle of NIU. Our goal was to create a design with the future in mind that still meets today’s everyday needs. From here, the U-Series was born. It is the perfect balance between convenience and style.

NIU was founded on the principles of great design. As a design orientated company, we strive to improve the everyday lives of citizens by giving riders the power to do more with vehicles they are proud of.

The "Naked"
U-Series Frame

Sometimes the smallest details have the biggest impact. With the U-Series, the frame is the main character of its exterior, so the connection between the frame and body shell must be extremely rigid.

Usually frames are hidden in terms of industrial design. We challenged this status-quo and integrated the naked frame into the exterior design to show off the unique aesthetic and unlimited options available on the U-Series.

Color Pop

After a lot of research into color psychology, our choice of colors align perfectly with current trends. No matter what kind of rider you are, we have a color for you.

A Modular Influenced Design

When we started on the U-Series project, we realized that every urban rider has their own needs.

So from the first sketches, we set out to find a way to blend form with function. If you look closely at the final design you will find elements of some of these original sketches.

A Work of Art

When building the U-Series, the first question that came to mind was: what is a practical electric scooter? How can we allow more people to explore and engage with the NIU electric lifestyle? After a tremendous amount of design, performance, and research, we are proud to bring the U-Series to the global stage.

More Than A Scooter

The U-Series is not a simple 2-wheeled vehicle. It is the reimagination of urban mobility, and your faithful travel partner.