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So that more people enjoy the convenience daily travel

We hope more people will accept our enhancement of everyday travel, making daily life more convenient. This is the birth of our NIU vision. After experiencing the success and mobility of the N series and M series, our primary consideration now is for the U-Series to take care of the needs of our users.

So we start from solving problems,make U-Series more compatible and accessible. Hope more people could join us to enjoy the convenience of the two-wheelers.

Why U? Design for more

From the persepective of how time is advancing many of us are still stuck with the use traditional scooters. Still in line with national standard regulations, NIU has managed to create a design from the future that still meets our needs.

Original design is and will always be the fundamental principle of NIU. We’ve been thinking hard for giving U-Series an unique character, fulfil the mission of accessibility while still be stylish. Hope every trip can be a chance of bringing joy to life.

U shape frame

The U-Series seems like a simple little moped,but its processing is never simple. Because the frame becomes the main character of the exterior, the tolerance has to be extremely rigid between the frame metal and body shell.

Frame is the body, Frame is the exterior. Start from frame and function together, after several refinements and second-guessing, finalized the design of the U-Series. Function first, then form and style. Plenty of useful space, plenty of possibilities for life.

Meticulous choice of colors

After a lot of research of color psychology, our choices of color align perfectly with current trends bringing senses including peace and friendliness with a high-tech punch.

We also made it easy to DIY every parts. Life is colorful after all.

Add a kick to your multi-faceted life

First and foremost, we hope the U-Series platform holds unlimited possiblities.

Through its unique design the U-Series is attractive and approachable adding both versatility and entertainment into your everyday life. NIU offers a variety of accessories for the U-Series allowing for a more versatile you.

This is the U-Series, this can be you, too.

A work of art, but also a way of life

Taking time to build the U-Series, the first question that came to mind was: what is a practical electric scooter? How can we allow more people to explore and engage the NIU electric lifestyle? Now the U-Series is presented for you after a tremendous amount of design, performance, and national policy research. Now the small and exquisite U-Series will bring greater convenience into your everyday life.

Reliable Partner

The U-Series is more than just your everyday means of transportation, it is your faithful everyday travel partner. Allow the U-Series to start a new way of facilitation in your life.