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Technology Road

Based on 260 million kilometers of driven data, opitimizing configuration.

Different driving habits, modes of acceleration, and energy consumption all have an impact on mileage. Therefore, with our collection of nearly 200 million kilometers of user riding data, NIU was able to reoptimize electronic control parameters. Using 150,000 users in our curve analysis under the operation of the data model, NIU successfully uncovered the parameters of realistic everyday driving habits, optimizing the U-Series configuration.


Motor conversion rate


NIU jointly developed a brushless permanent magnet motor

In order to improve the efficiency of the motor, NIU‘s joint electic research and development lead to the new permanent magnet motor. Each component of the U-Series electric power system has been precisely designed to achieve the balance of power and energy efficiency, ensuring that the motor is in the provision of sufficient power while reducing power loss. With a 92.6% motor converstion rate and efficient use of kinetic energy, the U-Series ensures the power needed in order travel to the further destination.


Exclusively developed FOC vector controller.

Exclusively developed FOC (Field Oriented Control) vector controller with perfect timing of motor deployment ensuring a smooth driving. Compared to mastering the difficult square wave controller accelration, the vector contoller linear accelation works excellent. After configuring a sophisticated algorithum, rigorous motor drive work, and a precise adjustment of power input, we achieved a smooth accelation rate at 10% input ≈ 10% output. It also gives a lot of credit to the NIU efficient power system.


EBS and regenerative braking system

Each time the braking system is used, kinetic energy is produced that is normally wasted. With EBS and regenerative braking system, the kinetic energy produced through the braking system is converted into electric energy, entering the lithium battery and ultimately extended the mileage of the U-Series.


Cloud ECU, Intelligent core of the U-Series

As the smart core of the U-Series, the Cloud ECU acts like a private scooter analyst, helping you complete the collection, diagnosis, and processing of driven data. Using the cloud connection after each ride, the data analysis optimizes the intelligient riding expereince by learning the your driving habits.


Anti-left precision range


New MEMS six-axis motion sensor

The U-Series‘s anti-theft alarm accuracy range has been shortened to a staggering 3 meters thanks to the new MEMS six-axis motion sensor. It looks through the gyroscope to determine the vehicle acceleration and GPS positioning, working together so that the anti-theft accuracy increased drastically by 40%, accurately pinpointing the scooter‘s location up to 3 meters.

Not only anti-theft,six-axis motion sensor can detect all the movements along the aircraft principal axes. You can even get a notification if the scooter topples down.


Safety protection


BMS smart battery management system

As a smart manager of all batteries, the BMS does more than provide a precise calculation of electricity, charge, and discharge. It also provides the current, voltage, temperature, communication, and 10 other security protection mechanisms to ensure that each section of the battery is stable and operating efficiently. Independent research and development of BMS works consistently with lithium batteries providing you with a better and more safe experience.


New keyless start program

The U-Series uses a new keyless electric start program. When the distance from the U-Series is less than 50 meters, the U-Series stays ready and alert throughout the connection of the remote control to the central control system of the U-Series. When you desire to ride the scooter, simply press the button on the keyl to turn on and be on your safe. Now more convenient with the keyhole being nonexistent.


235 Mpa yield strength of the U-frame

When you first meet the U-Series, the first feeling will be the stunning visual impact of the 38mm steel frame. The Q235 steel has excellent torsonial rigidity and low longitudinal stiffness, yielding immense strength lowering the limit of 235 Mpa. This is often used in the constructional engineering of structures, such as shelves, bridges, and so on.


Daytime running lights

The U-Series is equipped with daytime running lights and a 360 degree lighting system, so that pedestrians and drivers have no problem spotting you the first time they look, reducing occuring accidents. The U-Series has a full LED lighting system and jigh lighting brightness improving the driver‘s active safety; all weather lighting, daytime running lights, and the U shaper rear tailights are nice and elequant, but drastically enhance the operators safety. At niu, we have an obligation to protect our users.


New E-Motor Locker electric engine lock

With the new E-Motor electric engine lock will be triggered when the U-Series is locked, therfore is the scooter is abnormally moved, the electronic engine will automatically lock. The engine then cannot be initiated or turned on enhancing the security of the U-Series.